A project in Scope is a unit of work (i.e. an implementation project) that an expert user completes for a customer user. Project objects carry various information about the underlying 'project' that is being done, such as project stage, name, the programId of the program the project was created in, and more.

The following is an example of a project:

  "id": "973f0fda-4ac7-42b7-be45-b4a7d5c618a1",
  "name": "Terry's Pizza Online Store Implementation",
  "stage": "BUILDING",
  "substage": null,
  "createdAt": "2021-04-29T22:11:38.214Z",
  "programId": "25345a18-5223-411b-8676-510fa63c2628",
  "assignee": {
    "id": "1e1b2e84-a125-494d-85f5-bf8d96e07c44",
    "name": "Ben's Agency"
  "customerGroup": {
    "id": "0be21526-a2cd-4433-9052-c232c86aaba8",
    "name": "Terry's Pizza Business"
  "contracts": [
      "cost": 3500,
      "timeframe": "April 30, 2021"

The fields for a project are as follows:

  • id: A unique id for the project.

  • name: A label for the project.

  • stage: The project stage.

    The project stage can be one of the following:

    • DISCOVERY: The very first stage once a project has been created. The project stays in this stage until requirements are shared.
    • MATCHING: The stage once requirements have been shared. The project stays in this stage until the customer has accepted the matched expert's high-level proposal.
    • CONTRACTING: Once a proposal has been accepted, it goes into contracting and this is where the expert and customer sign a detailed contract, including the statement of work and project cost.
    • INITIATING: The first stage of a closed project, meaning the contract has been signed by both parties. At this point expert may request information or materials from the customer to being the project.
    • BUILDING: The stage when the expert is actually building and completing the project. At least one milestone has been moved to 'In Progress'.
    • REVIEWING: All milestones have been completed and the project is waiting approval from the customer.
    • LIVE: The project has been approved by the customer and is fully complete.
    • ARCHIVED: When the project has been archived.
  • substage: Currently this is null unless the project has a stage of ARCHIVED, in which case the archive reason would appear here.

  • createdAt: Date when project was created.

  • programId: The id of the program through which the project was created. See Programs to read more.

  • assignee: The expert group assigned to the project. We currently provide the id and name of the expert group.

  • customerGroup: The customer group for the project. We currently provide the id and name of the customer group.

  • contracts: An array of all contract objects, consisting of project cost and timeframe (when a project is expected to be complete). All updated and revised contract versions will appear here as well.

    Currently all projects in Scope have a fixed cost.