This endpoint creates a single project given a particular set of parameters in the request body.

An example request body is the following:

  "name": "Jane's Bike Shop Implementation",
  "programId": "90ec62d8-b359-4c0f-a959-c84a602f8eb4",
  "customerEmail": "[email protected]",
  "customerFirstName": "Jane",
  "customerLastName": "Doe",
  "sendCustomerInvite": true,
  "requiresCustomer": false,
  "requirements": [
      "name": "Briefly describe the project objective.",
      "value": "An implementation project for Jane's Bike shop which involves a bunch of things, too many things to describe here. So just contact us and we'll figure it out. But you'll make a lot of money..."
      "name": "Choose a deadline",
      "value": "None"

With the Create Project endpoint, you will need to pass in data for your new project. Some fields are required and some are optional:

  • name (required) : A title for the project.
  • programId (required) : The id of the new project's program. This determines things like who pays for the project, which requirements are accepted, etc. (see Programs to learn more).
  • customerEmail (required): The email of the customer user. If sendCustomerInvite is set to true, an email invitation will be sent to this email. Additionally in the response, there will be a signup URL to manually send to this customer to sign up and view the project in Scope.
  • customerFirstName (required): The first name of the customer of this project.
  • customerLastName (required): The last name of the customer of this project.
  • sendCustomerInvite: A boolean field that determines whether the invitation to the customer gets automatically sent. The default is true.
  • requiresCustomer: A boolean field that determines whether the newly created project requires the customer to pay for the project and sign the contract in Scope. If this field is set to false, the customer user is not needed to move the project forward, such as accepting a proposal, signing a contract, and approving a project as complete, and a vendor user will be able to perform such actions. The default value for this field is true if not provided in the request.
  • requirements: An array of requirements with name and value fields. Please check the accepted requirements for the provided programId. If an incorrect requirement name is provided, the project creation will fail with a 400 status code.
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